Kubala Virtual Reality Applications is a small team of animators, 3D designers, and virtual reality developers based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our mission is to bring visualization technologies into the hands of common people and broaden the niche market of virtual reality to make it as accessible as possible.


From 3D modeling, to architectural design, to virtual reality development, KVRA does it all. We want to bring your projects to life with a visual, digital medium.


Our flagship program, VSHIP (Visual Stimulation for Hypnotherapy Inpatient Programs), utilizes virtual reality technology to bring a peaceful environment to struggling long-term hospital patients. By combining the principles of hypnotherapy with virtually designed scenes, we can bring patients pain relief, and an escape from their current situation. VSHIP Hypnotherapy is narrated by Dr. Michelle Einson, a practiced psychologist of __ years.

Kubala Virtual Reality Applications

Tel: 980-229-6314

Operating Hours: 9am - 5pm, Daily


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